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  • Differences between e-books and printed textbooks
  • What are the benefits of e-books over printed books?
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In modern days, people preferred E-books over paper printed books. Students are using e-books in their academic life. People are spending their leisure time by reading e-books related to comics, stories and other interesting things. So, surely there are some benefits of ebook over textbooks or the paper printed books. In this post I am going to discuss the meaning of ebook, differences between an ebook and a textbook (paper printed), benefits of an e-book over paper printed textbooks and the disadvantages of reading an ebook.

What is an E-book?

An e-book is a digital file or a digital version of a paper printed book. E-book stands forElectronic Book“. Sometimes an e-book is called a digital book. Any book that you use in your daily life can be converted into an ebook. It may contain texts, images or both. E-books may be related to comics, stories, recipes, any academic topics and other interesting things. Some audible ebooks are also available. You can read ebooks by using electronic devices like smartphones, computers, laptops, tablets etc. To open the e-books on these devices you need to install any of the ebook readers like kindle. You can use mp3 devices for audible ebooks. One can easily buy any ebook from various sellers or retailers like Amazon and others.

Differences between e-book and paper printed book

Ebook is the digital version of a paper printed book. The contents of an ebook and its paper printed counterpart always remain same. However, there are some differences in fonts, interfaces, number of pages, text color, spacing between the lines, etc. The way to access these two types of books are also different – paper printed books are used to read offline whereas ebooks are usually used to read online.

What are the benefits of e-book over a paper printed book?

Some notable advantages or benefits of reading an ebook are there. That is why the ebooks are accepted by the people all over the world. Some of the main benefits or advantages of reading of an ebook are discussed below.

General Benefits

1. No physical stress to carry e-books

To carry a paper printed book we need to lift and carry a heavy weight of the book. Therefore, we cannot carry more than 10 or 12 books at a time. But we can carry a thousands of ebooks at a time inside our smartphones or tablets or laptops without any physical stress.

2. Accessible everywhere

Since people carries ebooks inside their smartphones or laptops then it can be read anywhere. One can read the ebooks inside his home, garden as well as while travelling. Some people like to listen the audible ebooks just like listening a song. Also, people can store ebooks for later use. Students can share the ebook links to their friends which makes possible to study in a group from their home.

3. Easy to buy and download

People can easily buy and download ebooks from online retailers like amazon and others. In recent time there are thousand number of retailers who sell ebooks. People don’t need to go to the bookstores to buy it.

4. low price

The price of an ebook is much lesser than that of a paper printed book. Publishers don’t need to print any ebook. So, customers don’t need to pay the printing cost. Some free ebooks are also available on the internet.

5. Easy to use

In modern days almost every people use smartphones, and almost everyone has their internet connections. This makes people easy to use ebooks. People can easily download and read those using their smartphones. Also, some retailers allow to read ebooks offline. so, in this case people don’t need to have the internet connections all the time.

6. Varieties of ebooks

Various types of ebooks like story books, comics related books, academic books, ebooks on recipe and other interesting things are available in recent time. Creators and publishers are creating thousands of ebooks daily. Even now, you can get ebooks of any popular topics.

7. Ebooks can’t be torn

Paper printed books can be torn accidentally, but there are no questions of tearing of its digital copy. Ebooks may be deleted from your device, but you can restore it anytime.

8. Indirectly saves Environment

Millions of people read paper printed books every day. To supply that number of books, publishers need to print those on a huge number of papers. Only to print those books people cut a million number of trees almost every day all over the world. We all know that cutting of trees is harmful to our environment. If we use ebooks instead of those printed books, we can save a million number of trees and thereby our environment.

Benefits for the students:

1. Easy to carry

Usually students carry heavy weight bag of books while going to school or college. There will be a physical stress to carry books like this. On the other hand, they can carry thousands of its digital copies inside their smartphones of weight 200-500 gram.

2. Shareable Content

Students can share the links of Ebook with their friends and classmates. This makes them possible to study in a group from their home. Students also can share the links of ebooks to their teachers to solve the problems or confusion related to their subjects.

3. Interesting way to study

Students are familiar with the usual manner of study using paper printed books. Learning from an ebook will be a different experience of learning which is acceptable to most of the students. This new way of learning will increase their interest to learn.

Benefits for businessmen:

Businessmen can sell ebooks on their websites and other platforms. Creator can start business of creating ebooks from paper books. There are so many scopes of ebook business.

Disadvantages of reading an ebook

It is obvious that the reading of an ebook has a number of advantages or benefits. The combination of smart devices, internet and the ebooks made our study life very easy and well balanced. But there also have some disadvantages of reading an ebook by an electronic device.

  • If you work on mobile or computer screen for a long time, your eyes can be affected.
  • one can be easily diverted by some entertaining things that are usually stored inside the devices.
  • Bad internet connection can affect ebook reading.

Summary : E-book is the electronic version of paper book. There are so many Benefits or advantages of it which makes our study life easy. There are also some disadvantages of reading an eBook, but these can be handled with proper protection or care.

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