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The 3 Mistakes of My Life is one of the famous story books or novel books of Indian popular writer Chetan Bhagat. He wrote more than twelve novels like Five point someone, Half Girlfriend, 2 States, One Indian girl, One night @ the call center, Revolution 2020, The girl in room 105, What young India wants, India Positive, Making India Awesome, One Arranged Murder, etc. All of his books are very famous. Most of his novels are adopted into Bollywood films. This is also not an exception. A Bollywood film Kai Po Che is based on this novel. Sushant Singh Rajput was the leading actor in this film.

In this article I am going to share the PDF file of the story the 3 mistakes of my life. You also can read the summary of the story here. You can find the download link of PDF file after three paragraphs of this article.

Summary of The 3 Mistakes of My Life

This is a real story of a boy of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He made three major mistakes and wanted to commit suicide for this. Before he committed suicide, he wrote a letter to the writer, Chetan Bhagat. After attempting suicide, he was admitted to a hospital. Chetan Bhagat came to him at hospital and then he told Chetan Bhagat all of his three mistakes, in detail. The writer has revealed these three mistakes in his book The 3 Mistakes of My Life.


In this Novel there are four main characters – Govind, Ishaan, Omi and Ali. Govind is the main character who committed suicide. He is good in Mathematics, but he did not get a job. Actually, he prefers to do a business rather than a job. Ishaan is one of the two best friends of Govind. Ishaan is good player but did not get a chance into international cricket. Omi is another best friend of Govind. Omi’s father is a Pujari and his maternal uncle is a politician. Omi did not have any ambition in his life. Ali was a Muslim boy and he was an outstanding cricket player. Doctors said that he was a good player because of his Hyper-Reflex. Ali’s father was the leader of opposition party of Omi’s maternal uncle.

Main story:

Govind proposed his friends to open a sports shop, together. Ishaan was a cricket lover, so he agreed immediately and so as Omi. They opened a sports shop near a Temple. In addition to this, Ishaan started a cricket coaching centre. In the cricket field, Ishaan discovered Ali who was an outstanding cricket player. Ishaan was unsuccessful to get a chance in international cricket and therefore, he wanted Ali to do that. So, Ishaan was trying to train Ali properly. On the other side, Omi’s uncle wanted Omi to handle his political activities and Govind started his additional job as a Mathematics teacher to earn more money. Ishaan offered Govind to teach math to his sister for her entrance exams.

After some time, Govind bought a shopping mall to grow his business, by investing all of his and his friends’ money. But after a few days, an Earthquake destroyed this shopping mall and all of the houses in that locality. Ishaan’s sister supported Govind at his bad time and they felt in love to each other and crossed all the limits. One the other side, Ishaan was busy with Ali and Ali was preparing well for this dream. Ali went Australia for the coaching, but came back when Australian coach asked him to get citizenship of Australia.


Suddenly, a brother of Omi’s uncle was murdered and Omi’s uncle blamed Ali’s father for this. At this, a religious riot was started (as Omi’s uncle and his party did not like Muslims). In this battle Ali’s parents were killed and Ali was hidden in a bank building along with Govind, Ishaan and Omi. But Omi’s uncle found them and was trying to kill Ali. At that time, Omi was killed accidentally. Seeing that, his uncle threw a weapon toward Ali. This weapon struck on Ali’s wrist and his wrist was damaged. Govind could have saved Ali without hurting him, but he did not do that due to his personal grudge to Ali. Soon, Omi’s uncle died there. Then Ishaan’s family came to know about the relationship between Govind and Ishaan’s sister. Ishaan started to hate Govind and they started separate shops. Ishaan’s sister was sent abroad for her study.

After some time, Ali’s wrist was recovered and he started playing cricket. Then Ishaan and his family accepted Govind.

What are the three mistakes in The 3 Mistakes of My Life?

The three mistakes of protagonist were —

  1. The Protagonist (Govind) bought a shopping mall by investing all of his and his friends’ money. Later, they wasted all of these moneys due to Earthquake.
  2. He felt in love of his best friend’s sister and crossed all the limits. This broke the trust of his friendship.
  3. When Omi’s uncle threw a weapon toward Ali, He was late to save Ali because of his personal grudge to a Muslim boy Ali. He could have saved Ali without hurting Ali.

The 3 Mistakes of My Life story in Bollywood film Kai Po Che

A Bollywood film Kai Po Che is based on the Novel The 3 Mistakes of My Life. Sushant Singh Rajput played the role of Ishaan, Rajkumar Rao played the role of Govind and Amit Sadh played the role of Omi. But there are some differences between this movie and the Novel

  • In the movie, Sushant Singh Rajput (Ishaan) died at the last. But in the Novel, Omi died.
  • In the Novel, when Ishaan’s and his family came to know about the relationship between Govind and Ishaan’s sister, Ishaan started to ignore Govind. His family sent his sister abroad for her study. This was not the part of the movie.

The 3 Mistakes of My Life PDF file

File size – 1.7 MB

File format – PDF

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Thus, in this article, I have provided the summary of the Novel and the link to download the story of The 3 Mistakes of My Life in PDF format. Hope, this will help you a lot. If you feel any difficulties to download the PDF file or to access the page, you can ask me at the comment section.

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