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E-books are getting famous day by day. In modern days, majority part of our life involves with internet. Education is not an exception. Most of the students and other people are preferring eBooks instead of paper printed books. If you read eBooks and want to get some free eBooks, then it is the right article for you. In this article I am going to share 17 websites for free eBook download in PDF format. The quality of all the 17 websites will be discussed with number of storage of books. All of these websites allow to download free e-books legally. Check all the links given below to download eBooks for absolutely free of cost.

Websites to download free eBooks

1. Project Gutenburg

Project Gutenburg Library contains over 60 thousand eBooks which are completely free. One can download or read online these eBooks in epub and Kindle formats. Project Gutenburg e-books are mostly older literary works and therefore, U.S. copyright has expired. Book search, Book Categories, browse catalog, Mobile site, etc tabs are available on the home page of the official website of Project Gutenburg. Existence of these tabs makes the searching of eBooks very easy in this website. One can find any eBook that he/she wants, by searching the Author, Title, Subject, Language or Category. All the books are well categorized such as “recently added eBooks”, “Most frequently downloaded eBooks”, and “top 100 eBooks this month”. You don’t need any special app to read eBooks in this website.

2. eBook Lobby

ebooklobby.com has a humble collection of eBooks categorized into different types such as Art, Fashion, Graphic design, Photography, Finance, Biographies, Computers, Entertainments, business, education. sports, travel and many others. You can download eBooks from different categories. Go to the official website of eBook Lobby.

3. Free-eBooks.net for free eBooks download

This website has a huge collection of eBooks that are available to download in PDF, Kindle, text or epub formats. One can download eBooks from this website only after the registration with them, which is free of cost. This is one of the best websites for free eBook download. Go to the official website to download free eBooks.

4. Planetpublish.com

This is a pretty minimalistic website. This website has a collection of classic books such as the “Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, “The Jungle Book“, ‘The adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, etc. All of these books are available in PDF format that are ready to download. Check the official website here.

5. FreeTechbooks.com for the academic eBooks

This website provides mainly academic books which is helpful for the students. The categories of available books are Computer science, Engineering, Programming books, textbooks, lecture notes, etc. All the books, hosted in this website belong to Authors or the publishers. In the other words, this website does not host the books, but simply provides links to the books in PDF or HTML formats available at the Author’s or publisher’s websites. Go to the official website for free eBook download.

6. Bookspics.com

This website claims to have 275 thousand of eBooks to download. So, they have a pretty good collection of eBooks. But the problem is that the books are not categorized for easy identifications. You need to search the eBooks manually. Click here for the official website.

7. Freecomputerbooks.com for free eBook download

This is another good website for free eBook download. Everything in this website is 100% free. This website has a huge collection of free eBooks that includes Computer science, Programming, Mathematics, Engineering, Technical, android development, iOS programming etc. Apart from the books, some lecture notes, magazines, white papers, tutorial notes are also available. All the books are categorized with 13 top level categories and 200 sub-categories. It has both pattern and keywords search engines for you to find title quickly. The main important thing of this website is that most of the books are linked to other LIVE websites. Here, the books don’t go out-dated as they are all maintained as current and latest by their respective owners. Visit the official website here.

8. Librivox.org for Audio e-books

Librivox is a website that offers a free collection of public domain Audio books. This website is very useful for those people who don’t have any time to read the books but can find times to listen to books through audio. Hundreds of audio books are available in this website to download. One can simply filter the eBooks by Author, Title, Genre or Language. Although, these audio books are claimed to be in the public domain, they are so in USA. You need to verify copyright status of these works in your country, before downloading. Otherwise, you may be violating copyright laws. Visit the official website to download free eBooks in audio format.

9. Gitbook.com

Gitbook.com is a very new website to download free eBooks. This website contains 150000 eBooks that are served to 20 million visitors every month. All the eBooks are well categorized. To open any eBook, you need to choose the respective tags given on the official website.

10. Onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu

The books in this website are maintained by a digital library planner and researcher at the University of Pennsylvania. This site has a great collection of books. One can find the eBooks in this site by searching titles, subjects, listing and more. Click here to visit official website.

11. Openlibrary.org for free eBooks download

This is an open library that hosts a huge collection of eBooks. It has all the classic and contemporary books. The eBooks of Art, Biographies, Science, Recipes and Romance are available here. One can find these books by searching author or title or the direct tabs given on the official website.

12. Google Play Books

Google Play Books is another good platform to read free eBooks. One can get thousands of free eBooks from here. You just need to go to free section in this website. There is also a Google Play Books app. You can install this app from Google play store.

13. feedbooks.com/publicdomain for free eBook download

This website promises to provide thousands of public domain books. The available categories are fantasy, romance, short stories, etc. There are two broad shelves – fiction and non-fiction, where all these books are kept in. One can find the eBooks like “Dante’s Divine comedy”, “The adventures of Sherlock Holmes”, “Treasure island”, “Around the world in 80 days” and much more. To download these free eBooks, visit the official website.

14. Loyalbooks.com

This is also a good website to download free eBooks. It has a great collection of books that are categorized into various topics. One can download eBooks in Kindle, PDF or audio book formats. Here one can get 7000+ free audio books. Visit the official website for more updates.

15. GRTBooks.com

This website has a huge collection of old books. You can read as well as collect those books. Age-old scripts such as Upanishads, works of Plato, Hippocrates, Sun-Tzu, Aristotle, Vedas, Ramayana and other sacred texts are available here for free of cost. All the books are available in HTML format. Check the official website.

16. BAEN

Free Baen books are available in electronic format. One can read these books online or you can download the books in one of several formats. URLs of the sites corresponding to these formats are also listed here.

17. Wikisource for free eBooks download

Wikisource, which is similar to Wikipedia, is a good website for free eBook to download. The caption is “the free library that anyone can improve”. One can edit the eBooks, publish new eBooks to improve the authority of Wikisource. You can get all the eBooks with specified their publishing years.

Summary: All the websites listed above, are the open source platforms to download eBooks for absolutely free. E-books of various categories are available on those websites. But the main issue is the copyright laws. Before accessing any website, please verify the copyright issues for your country.

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