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Five Point Someone is a famous Novel of the great Indian writer Chetan Bhagat. He wrote more than twelve Novels (Fiction and Non-Fiction). You can check his all Novels or books in the article Chetan Bhagat Books. All of his books are very popular in India as well as outside India. Five Point Someone is the first Novel of Chetan Bhagat which was published Rupa Publications in 2004. The Hindi film, 3 Idiots (Amir Khan, Kareena Kapoor) is based on this novel. Both of the novel and its movie have smashing impact on Indian people. These both are very famous in India nowadays. In this article “Five Point Someone PDF download”, I am going to share a PDF file of this Novel absolutely for free. One can download this PDF file from the link given below.

Five point someone book

Apart from this download link, I also provided the Summary and the Preview of this Novel or the book. Check all of this one by one.

Five Point Someone PDF Download Link is given below

Summary of Five Point Someone

This Novel is related to students of IIT Delhi in India. Author raised a question on education system in IITs in India through this novel. The tag line of this Novel is “What Not to Do at IIT”.


In this Novel there are mainly five characters – Ryan Oberoi, Hari Kumar, Alok Gupta, Neha and prof. Cherian. Ryan is a poor student in IIT Delhi. He is very daring and creative. His father is a businessman and lives abort for the maximum time. Ryan did not like his parents as they left him at hostel. Alok is an emotional person and he likes to study. He belongs to a poor family. His father is paralyzed and his mother is a Biology teacher. So, he has a pressure to do something good in his life. Hari is an average student whose father is in Military. Professor Cherian is a professor in IIT Delhi and Neha is his daughter.

Their opinions on education system and IITs

Ryan thinks that IIT is not good, its education system is poor. That is why he always likes to think beyond the books. He wants to create something new, he used to ask counter questions to the professors. Therefore, teachers did not like him. One day, a professor asked him to go out of the class, for his this kind of activities. Then he started a project by himself.

Alok thinks that IIT is a great institution as it has produced engineers. Unlike Ryan, he follows the usual tradition. He thinks that to get a good job we need to get good marks in exams and to get the good marks in exams, we need to cram all subjects. But he always did parties with Ryan and Hari, even at study hours.

Hari is a neutral person; he like to do what his friends do. He meets Prof. Cherian’s daughter, Neha on the road, accidentally and falls in love of her.

What they did?

When the result of first exam was declared, topper got 10 grade and these three friends got 5 grades each. The average grade was 6. Again, the final exam was ahead. They realized that they are gone. So, Ryan planned to steal questions papers from institution. Hari collected the keys of building from Neha who knew where the keys were. As they arrived inside the building and found the question papers, the watchman caught them and informed the professor. When professor came to know that his daughter was involved on this, he allowed to go them. But, Alok jumped from institution building in depression, thankfully he had survived. Soon, Ryan completed his project and everyone liked his project and praised his talent. But the professor did not like him because of that incident.

At the end of the final exams, Alok got a job in Delhi and Hari got a job in Mumbai. But Ryan did not get any placement.

What the author wants to say?

In this Novel author criticized Indian Education system. He things that even in IITs, the education system is not that good. In this Novel we can see Ryan, who is creative and intelligent, did not get a placement because of his poor marks and unique activities. Author tried to disclose the struggles and the problems of the students. According to author, the current education system is destroying the culture of a student, they are studying, but not learning. Students can do better if they start to think the new things in new way. But the education system is not allowing somewhere.

Five Point Someone Book Review

Rating: 4.4 Star out of 5

Price on Amazon: Paperback-185 INR. Kindle Version – 114.79 INR

Weight of book295 grams
PublisherRupa Publication India
Book details: Five Point Someone

I have written the summary of this book above from which one can understand the Novel. Although, 3 Idiots is based on this Novel, but the both are not the same exactly. People loved the both. Here, I am not talking about the PDF file of Five Point Someone, I am talking about the original book which are available on Amazon, both in paperback and kindle versions.

Download Five Point Someone in PDF

File Size – 15 MB

Format – PDF

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Five Point Someone vs 3 Idiots film

A Hindi film, 3 Idiots is based on the Novel Five Point Someone. In 3 Idiots, Amir Khan (Ranchoddas chanchad, later Scientist Wangdu) had the role of Ryan, Madhavan (Farhan) played the role of Hari, Sharman Joshi (Raju Rastogi) played the role of Alok, Kareena Kapoor (Priya) played the role of Neha and Baman Irani had the role of professor Cherian. But there are some controversies or differences between 3 Idiots and Five Point Someone. These are —

  1. In this Novel, Ryan is the son of a rich businessman. But in 3 Idiots, his (Rancho) father was a servant of a rich man.
  2. In this Novel Neha is the girlfriend of Hari. But in 3 Idiots, she is the girlfriend of Rancho who is Ryan in the Novel.
  3. In the Novel, Ryan did not get any job. But in 3 Idiots, Rancho became a Scientist at the end of the movie.
  4. In the Novel, Ryan always got lower marks in exam. But in 3 Idiots, Rancho topped in final exam.

Summary: In this article you got the Summary, Reviews and download link of the Novel Five Point Someone in PDF format. If you face any difficulties or queries related to this post please ask in comment section. Thank You!

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