eBook reader for PC and Windows with reviews – download

If you use to read eBooks instead of paper printed books and if you have an PC or windows, then you must need an eBook reader for PC and Windows. If you are a student, then you have to read eBooks for a long time in a day. Sometimes you failed to do that because of poor battery backup of your android or smartphones. But the use PC or Windows will give you a better experience on it. But to read eBooks on PC or windows you need to install an eBook reader. Here I am to share my personal opinions on some eBook readers based on my researches and reviews.

Top 5 eBook reader for PC and Windows

1. Kindle

Kindle is the most popular e-book reader in recent time. It has millions of subscribers who use Kindle as an e-book reader. But to use it, it is better to be an Amazon customer. Go to Amazon app or website to become a customer of Amazon. Some of the features of Kindle are mentioned below.

High Popularity

Most of the people prefer to use Kindle as an e-book reader. At present, it has millions of subscribers. Kindle is the most recommended e-book reader too. If anyone need an e-book reader, they first think about kindle.

Great Accessibility

Kindle is very easy to access. If you want to read an e-book on kindle, just go to Amazon app or website and click on the thumbnail of the e-book that you are willing to read. Android version, PC version and windows version of kindle are also available. You can install these versions easily from Amazon.


If required, you can change font, background color, margins, spacing between the lines of the of the article. You can highlight any part that you want.

Huge storage of books

Amazon library has over six million of books in its storage. Any of these books can be read on Kindle. There are varieties of e-books like comics, articles, audio books, other academic books, books on stories, recipe, etc.

Low cost

You can use kindle for free on Amazon website or app. In Kindle, you will get e-books at the low prices. Even, some of the e-books are free. So, kindle is affordable.

Different types of Kindle

There are mainly four types of Kindle available in the market. These are 1) Basic 2) Paperwhite 3) Voyage 4) Oasis. You can choose any one that is suitable for you. To get most suitable one, you can see the Comparison between Kindle devices: Kindle Paperwhite vs Oasis vs Kindle-2019 (10th generation).

Download Kindle from Amazon

2. Calibre eBook reader for PC and windows

Calibre eBook reader is an open source software written in Python, JavaScript, C++, C languages. It is one of the most popular e-book readers. some of its features are discussed below.

Easy to use

Simple design of Calibre’s user interface made it very easy to use. Buttons are larger and one can start reading an e-book after only three clicks. Even it works offline.


In Calibre, conversion and editing are very easy. Most of the eBook formats like font, font size, margins, metadata, colors, etc can be edited safely. You can track books you’ve read or you’ve liked.

Built-in eBook viewer

Calibre has a built-in eBook viewer that has full support for bookmarks, table of contents, searching, printing, copying, CSS, a reference mode, embedded fonts, multi-page view and so on. It can display all the major eBook formats.

eBook transferring facility

One can transfer eBooks from one device to another device with a cable or without a wire. Calibre will automatically send the files in best format during transferring the files. No matter either the device is PC, Laptop, tablet or android.

Low cost

One can download Calibre software for free. Pro version of the software is also available for low price.

Download Calibre from official website

3. Icecream eBook reader for PC and windows

Icecream eBook reader is an e-book reader made by Icecream. Some of its features are discussed below.

PROS (good features)

  • Free version of Icecream eBook reader is available. you can also buy the pro version. If you want to use free version, then use the most recent generation of it.
  • Available for PC and windows.
  • One can manage his/her digital eBook library in FB2, ePub, PDF, MOBI and other formats.
  • you can easily find the required eBooks by searching author name or the title of the book.
  • You can determine or check the number of remaining pages to read. One can stop and resume the reading any time. The reading can be continued from where you left off.
  • One can copy, share and transfer any e-book easily which is very useful for the students.
  • There is navigation scrollbar. you can use it to browse pages faster.
  • In Icecream eBook reader one can read eBooks in low light or no light.
  • You can use bookmarks to revisit the most memorable parts of your book.

CONS (Limitations)

  • It does not support Kindle version.
  • There is no cloud syncing.
  • You cannot highlight text on it.

Download Icecream E-book reader from official website

4. Sumatra eBook reader

  • Various free versions are available. You can choose a suitable version for PC or windows.
  • In Sumatra eBook reader, supported document formats are PDF, ePub, FB2, OXPS, XPS, CB7, etc.
  • This eBook reader works extremely fast.
  • Sumatra uses a little disk space.
  • Customization of font, text color, page color are little bit of tricky.
  • You cannot add notes. Highlight option is also not there.
  • One can save Sumatra e-reader to a USB stick or cloud storage service and use it on any PC whenever requires.

Download Sumatra eBook reader from official website

5. Freda e-reader

PROS (Good features)

  • Freda is a free e-reader program.
  • one can access eBooks from various online sources for free of cost.
  • In Freda, the supported eBook format is ePub.
  • The digital library of Freda contains over 50000 public domain books.
  • One can download e-books from emails.
  • It allows customization. One can change the font, text color and paper color.
  • Freda has text-to-speech and dyslexic-friendly feature.
  • you can highlight text.

CONS (Limitations)

  • Not all the formats are supported.
  • One cannot import books all at once.
  • You cannot remove it easily.

Download Freda eBook reader from official website

Summary: Every eBook reader mentioned above have some useful features and some limitations. If you ask me “which one is the best?”. I will advise you to go for either Kindle or Calibre. Because these two have the best features and both are very popular in the market. Most of the people use Kindle to read an eBook.