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Chetan Bhagat is a famous Indian author and columnist. His books have a great influence across the India. His writing skills have a great many fans and almost all of his books are popular in India as well as in some other countries. Five point someone, One night @ the call center, The 3 Mistakes of my life, 2 States, Revolution 2020, Half Girlfriend, One Indian Girl, The girl in room 105, One Arranged Murder, etc. are the most popular fiction novels of Chetan Bhagat. What Young India Wants, Making India Awesome, India Positive are among the non-fictions. Bollywood film industry have produced the films on the novels 2 States, Half Girlfriend, The 3 Mistakes of My Life, etc. One can buy all of his novels from amazon kindle. There are few websites which provide Chetan Bhagat books in pdf format and this website is one of them.

In this article I am going to provide some of the books of Chetan Bhagat in PDF format. These eBooks are basically in PDF format, not in kindle format. To buy the eBooks of Kindle format, you need to visit amazon kindle and you need to pay for it. But here you will get all the eBooks for absolutely free.

How to download Chetan Bhagat Books in PDF format?

If you follow the following five steps then you will be able to download the books in PDF format for free. I also attached a tutorial video related to this download which covers the complete tutorial to download the book that you want.

STEP-1: Go to the link and open the article. This is the same article that you are reading.

STEP-2: Find the heading “Chetan Bhagat book list” inside this article. In this section, you will get the names of around 10 books and their short descriptions.

STEP-3: Choose any book that you want to download. Click on the link given on the title of that book. This will lead you to the article related to that book or novel.

STEP-4: On this new article you will find the short description, summary and download link.

STEP-5: Click on the Download in PDF link to download that eBook in PDF format.

Chetan Bhagat Book list > click on title of the book > download in PDF

Tutorial video to download Chetan Bhagat Books:

Check the tutorial video to know the downloading process practically.

Chetan Bhagat Book List

Some of the most popular books of Chetan Bhagat are given in two categories; novels and non-fiction. By clicking on the titles of the books one can see complete information related to these books- Short descriptions, Previews and PDF download links. Also, one can buy these books from amazon kindle in kindle format. The list of his books is as following—

Click on the titles of the books to download in PDF format from the next page.


  1. Five Point Someone
  2. One Night @ the Call Center
  3. The 3 Mistakes of My Life
  4. 2 States
  5. Revolution 2020
  6. Half Girlfriend
  7. One Indian Girl
  8. The Girl in Room 105
  9. One Arranged Murder


  1. What Young India Wants
  2. Making India Awesome
  3. India Positive

Among all of the above books, “One Arranged Murder” is the new Novel of Chetan Bhagat, which is released in 2020. “Five Point someone” (2004) is his first book.

Publisher of Chetan Bhagat books

His first Novel “Five Point Someone” was published by Rupa Publication in 2004. His other Novels (except “The girl in room 105“) are also published by the Rupa publications. Westland Publication published his novel “The girl in room 105“. So, Chetan Bhagat book publishers are Rupa Publications and Westland Publications.

Chetan bhagat books as movies

Bollywood film directors adopted five Novels of Chetan Bhagat to produce Hindi films. These are given in following table—

Novel or Book nameFilm or Movie name
One night @ the call CenterHello
Five Point Someone3 Idiots
The 3 Mistakes of My LifeKoi Po Che!
2 States2 States
Half GirlfriendHalf Girlfriend
Chetan Bhagat books as Movies

Summary: The great talented writer Chetan Bhagat have written so many high-quality novels. His books got gigantic reactions from his fans. He was referred to as “The biggest-selling English-language novelist ever in India”. In this article you got almost all the general information on Chetan Bhagat books. Here, I also provided the download link of that kind of high-quality books in PDF format. You can download these books for free, by following the steps given above. There are no copyright issues. If you feel any difficulties to download Chetan Bhagat books in PDF format, then you can see the tutorial video attached above or may ask in comment section.

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